Sunday, August 9, 2009

Curecanti National Recreation Area

We passed the Curecanti National Recreation Area on our way to Ouray. The Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado's largest body of water.

It's amazing how the landscape of Colorado seems to constantly change as you're traveling through the state.

As we're leaving the Curecanti area, we can see the San Juan mountains ahead. I'm like a little kid again when we start to get closer to the mountains. I just can't wait. This is where I feel most at home.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip to Ouray

Last weekend we took a much needed long weekend to Ouray, Colorado. What a beautiful mountain town. It's still the Ouray I remember as a kid - there are more shops and places to eat now. But, the charm is still there - and the scenery. I have no words for the scenery. I'll be sharing some pics with you. Join me on a virtual getaway.

We tried to do quite a bit of hiking. We took a great, small hike to a gorgeous waterfall called Cascade Falls. The pic below is the trail head. I'm looking away from the trail and back into town.

We can see the foot of the falls ahead

The canyon was filled with mist. Check out the cave. They always intrigue me.

An afternoon storm was threatening, so we headed back to town.

After looking at the pics again, I'm ready to go back. I miss the mountains.