Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day Trip to the Mountains

Saturday we drove to the mountains. Something that we should really do every chance we get, since we live so close.

We had a late breakfast at The Pantry in Green Mountain Falls, CO. Fantastic breakfast served all day. And, yes, you can get a Bloody Mary. And, yes, I did! They have a beautiful outdoor dining area for dinner. The cute lake and gazebo are just across the parking lot. There were two weddings the morning we were there.

To burn off our hearty breakfast we hiked to the falls. A beautiful hike. It's very steep, though. It's rated a double black diamond. Just bring plenty of water, and you'll be fine. I actually made the trip in my flip flops. Yep - left my hiking boots by the back door. Silly me.

We still had most of the afternoon left, so we decided to drive to Victor.

This picture was taken May 30! It dipped to 46 degrees in the mountains that afternoon. Remember - the elevation in Victor is 9708 ft.

We hiked around some old mines just outside of Victor.
The mine in the pic below is one of the newest old mines we hiked around. It was re-built in the '60s after the original mine burned.

If you do ever have the chance to visit Victor, you MUST stop by the Victor Trading Company. They have a few antiques, and they make fantastic things! Gorgeous brooms that I can't bear to use - I have them hanging in my kitchen. Homeade candles. Amazing cookie cutters. Please check it out online: Victor Trading Company

I've always loved their broom wall

It was so rainy the day we were in Victor. I didn't have a chance to take all the pictures I wanted of the downtown area. Although tiny, there are some really neat places to visit. So, I promise next time to include pics of The Fortune Club (great place for a burger! They have an old soda fountain!!) and The Isis, an old theater which is now an antique shop.

I'll leave you with another shot of the mountains on Ute Pass. This was our view from the summit of our hike to Catamount Falls.

Get out and enjoy nature even if it's in your own backyard. It does a soul good. Have a fantastic weekend!

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